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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

-Albert Einstein

I live my life with the intention of maintaining balance. My passion for reading is balanced by playing roller derby. My love for work and intellectual pursuits is balanced through dance classes, biking, and hiking. My love for conversation, board games, going to shows, and social events are balanced through cooking, binge listening to podcasts, and meditation. This balance allows me to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle that can be contagious.


Employment Vision


Artificial Intelligence

Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Predictive Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Cleansing, Attribute Selection

Business Analytics

Predictive Analytics, Targeted Marketing, Descriptive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Machine Vision, Testing, Mapping, Connected Cars

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Body of Work

Capstone Project

A taxi hailing service using a V2X communication platform.

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224 Poplar Hill Dr.

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